Jane Grace Kennedy
Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Counselor & Spiritual Teacher

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Dear Jane,

I just wanted to say "Thank you" so very much for all of your help. I was so mesmerized by you and your process that the time just flew by. You gave me actual working tools to use, which have been so helpful. I have listened to the tape several times. Helping me to understand my past has given me the ability to be more fully in my present. No one has ever given me the insight that you have.
God Bless you always.

C. M.


I will never forget what a tremendous aid and positive influence you have been to me during this time of transition. Please know what an incredible blessing you have been.

M. W.

Dear Jane,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful work. I received so much from our session together. You have a unique, honest, open and nurturing quality. You make people glow inside and I feel richer from knowing you.

L. H.

Dearest Jane,

My most sincere and heartfelt thanks, as ever, for the clarity you give me!

V. H.

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful experience it was to have a session with you. Listening to the tape at home permits me to focus more on your input into the process, and your sensitivity, warmth and love come through so clearly.
Endless thanks.

D. S.

Dear Jane,

How can I possibly thank you enough? Such a wonderfully life enriching experience was the session with you. I feel so fortunate to know you and to have your work to turn to when things get just too much. I feel much lighter and clearer as a result.

J. T.

Dear Jane,

You sensed two little angels standing beside me more than a year ago when I came to you wondering if I would ever conceive. That session helped me so much to keep my faith steady. Here, as you can see, is the announcement of the birth of our TWINS!

L. G.

Dear Jane,

I truly am not exaggerating when I say: "you have changed my life"! You have given my career and life greater focus. Working with you has given me clarity and confidence with my work and my spirit! I hold you so dear.

M. L.

Dear Jane,

It was an illuminating experience having the session with you. I am certainly more aware of the capacities that I have that are awaiting me as I move forward into the future. You have given me the security and assuredness that I have needed to make the changes in my life that are necessary. Thank you so much!

G. R.

My dear Jane,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you gave me in our reading. It was truly a healing of my spirit. I am so happy to have the tape to continue in helping me to stay on the right path. You have a precious gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.

S. B.

Dear Jane,

Just a note to thank you for seeing with your heart and giving me invaluable guidance. My work continues to expand and keep me busy and life is flowing nicely. Thank you again for using your beautiful gifts to help me.

J. F.

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You, very much for meeting with me last Friday. You made me feel very comfortable in your presence. Most of all, the session was very insightful and has provoked me to have a new understanding about death and about the grieving process. I feel even more connected with my loved ones and look forward to my new journey forward. I appreciate you so very much!

M. H.