Jane Grace Kennedy
Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Counselor & Spiritual Teacher

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Jane Kennedy's empathic ability applied to a soul reading enables her to reveal the energetic and psychological blueprint of her client through the resonance capacities of her own physical, energetic and subtle bodies. These psychological readings utilize the mediumistic process as it creates in Jane a unique combination of subjective comprehension and objective overview. She is able to articulate her impressions with great clarity and detail. Distressing areas of the blueprint in need of alteration are revealed and discussed in relation to their connectedness with existing life situations and relationships and their roots to the past history of the individual. Any other persons involved or inquired about are likewise resonated and their attitudes and responses to the client explored. The desired changes in one's inner paradigm are facilitated in part through this dialogue and the increased understanding that comes as a consequence. A spontaneous energetic synergy occurs between Jane and the inquirer during the session, which to one degree or another benefits the total healing in the process of the work as spiritual counselor. There is also the additional channeling of individually constructed meditative techniques and one-of-a-kind energetically charged affirmations that act as tools to continue the path of transformation in the aftermath of the session. In consideration of this, all sessions are tape recorded for the benefit of the client's further exploration of the material covered. One of Jane's primary objectives as a Spiritual teacher is to acquaint her clients with ways to access higher states of consciousness that can bring them into greater harmony with the level at which the spiritual self is accessed. The consequence of this proximity is the expansion of feelings of empowerment, joy, centeredness and authenticity; and the ability to live from a concentric perspective where one can experience themselves and relate to others from a position of wholeness and autonomous maturity. When spirit, soul and body align in the individual, one can live in harmony with all beings and co-create a world motivated by love, informed by light, and activated by the desire to express that which is beautiful.