Jane Grace Kennedy
Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Counselor & Spiritual Teacher

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The method that I use to contact the dead and access a person who has passed over into the afterlife happened spontaneously and was not learned from anyone nor part of a tradition. The same state of altered consciousness that I use for a straight intuitive reading of the blueprint of a person sitting with me for self-exploration can also access the threshold that leads to those who exist beyond this dimension. In place of my focus on a "live" person, there is an inquirer who states the name and date of death of the one they wish to contact. After the name is stated I repeat it several times silently and wait for the impressions and sensations to emerge from within me. Invariably I find myself experiencing the final hours of the person's life while here. This is often very unpleasant for me and in asking guidance of my own higher aspects of being why it was necessary, the answer that I received was "...for validation that the messages that are to follow are authentic." Thus, I describe the physical and psychological state just prior to death of the person upon whose name I am focused with no knowledge of that person but their name and date of death.

I move through the actual transition when the soul leaves the body and continue my description of the unique and significant aspects of that individual's miraculous journey through the grace-filled and magnificent rite of passage that we call death. Once I have completed the resonance of that experience, describing it as I go, and feel the soul having arrived at a new "location" of focus I can sense them in real time in the room with me and their loved one, my client. At that point there are greetings from them that I feel at a level that I call pure feeling or pure being, which I interpret into words. I am often told that my face begins to resemble the person in Spirit and that I start to gesture in a way that they did in life and sometimes use the vernacular associated with them. The departed person is not in my body, but I am a reflection of them as in a mirror. Whereas during the death transition I feel the impressions as if it is happening to me, once they are present in real time I am aware of their feelings within me but their presence outside of me in the room.

The bridge of communication has been constructed in some amazing way and the locating of the loved one facilitated by my experiencing their death and subsequent journey to and arrival at some other dimensional field of existence. We meet on what I will describe as a particular frequency band of awareness that does not interfere or invade upon either of our states of well being or respective anchors in two totally different realities, or worlds if you will; the consequence is this miraculous phenomenon of communication.

The client , their loved one, and I create an energetic grid that can allow the sharing of those things left unexpressed in life between them and that assures of an ongoing continuity of consciousness that helps dispel the illusion of separation and endings. I additionally instruct the client in ways of accessing their own higher aspects of being so they do not need a medium in order to feel the presence of those seemingly lost to them. In this way they use the opportunity of the loss to develop these spiritual capacities, which will serve every area of their life with a greater and grander view of existence and knowledge of the indestructibility of the soul.