Jane Grace Kennedy
Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Counselor & Spiritual Teacher

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In an excerpt from her book Jane Kennedy writes:

My first step at the inception of a session is to enter the altered state required to read the "inner blueprint" or "inner equation." This is made up of energy flow patterns and emotional and psychological states either connected to or disassociated from each other. Like describing a complex tapestry, I must focus on one part of the pattern at a time and articulate my impression of it in order to construct the totality of the picture that my sensibilities actually discern simultaneously. Taking the whole and reducing it to the terms of linear thinking requires fragmenting a complete entity with the hopes that as it is reassembled through the use of descriptive language it will arrive eventually within the listener as the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

I sometimes perceive impressions in sequential layers with the first being those patterns of attitude, feeling and energy movement that connects the person most immediately with the world outside themselves. These can be habitual patterns, or if the turmoil of the present life circumstances is intense, merely represent the way in which the person is currently functioning. After I articulate what I sense of the surface layer, my attention enters deeper levels of being that may contain profound trauma trapped in the unconscious. I then move deeper still to what I call "soul themes," or the perception of that individual's essence and the qualities that emit from this core self. I believe the core self produces a resonance of the unchanging pattern of unique beauty that presides to one degree or another over the individual in their many incarnations into the world of tangible expression. To the degree to which this soul pattern, the authentic and original pattern is present and reflected in the personality's more superficial blueprint, the individual is expressing the truth of who they are, in an absolute sense, through their personality. From the synchronicity between what could be called more simply inner self and outer self, the health and well being of the individual arises.

Our conflicts and problems stem from the discrepancies between the two as the outer self defers to influences other than the spontaneous authenticity of the inner self's responsiveness. My work as an intuitive counselor is the acknowledgement of the active presence of essential truth in the places of harmonious interaction between outer self / lower self and the authentic self / higher Self, and the exploration into the situations within which those two levels of being do not co-relate and thus produce dissonance and distress of various kinds and degrees in one's experience. The goal of my intervention in the client's process of self-exploration is to help the lower self identify with the higher self in the places in the psyche where there is division. When the inner self and outer self are in alignment and congruent there is a return to wholeness and a subsequent change in attitude and action with regard to those relationships and situations that are in need of healing.

The mirroring done through my empathic abilities gives me an understanding of the subjectivity of my client and it opens the way for the discussion of metaphysical principles and teachings that apply to the issues revealed. Without this capacity I would have to rely on the individual to enlighten me of their inner life through verbal explanation. So often our problems arise because we do not fully understand what is going on within us in the realm of feeling and emotion, most of which is experienced at levels that elude language altogether. But when one through empathy and direct knowing can resonate within themselves what another is experiencing, and articulate the various aspects and colors of that inner terrain, an intimate dialogue can be established between the two. The empathic practitioner while fully embodying the inner being of her client has the advantage of objectivity due to the fact that these patterns are not her own.

The discussion of specific and pertinent information about situations and people can generate greater comprehension and understanding leading to the all important gift of choice and decision making in order to create a more balanced and harmonious equation within the total self. Additionally, the exploration of the blue print of other individuals that my clients inquire about and the feelings that these others have in regard to them further elucidate the field of engagement and reveal much that is hidden. Not because people are keeping secrets, though that may upon occasion be the case, but because so much of what we feel goes unexpressed for one reason or another leading to misunderstanding because of what is not known but assumed to be so.

Our beliefs either work in harmony with the truth of our being or create a dissonance that works against it. The process and flow of the exploratory dialogue in the session reveals schematic themes that are either based upon what in metaphysics we call principle or on erroneous assumptions which become beliefs. The false ones will generate conflict. To use a very simplistic metaphor, they are rather like annoying little pebbles in the shoes of one on a journey through beautiful, fascinating and sometimes challenging terrain. These pebbles create an unnecessary distraction and distress, sabotaging the availability of full conscious attention to the twists, turns and surprises appearing along the way. The stones in the shoe represent the obstructions to our understanding. They are simply misinterpretations of what we encounter in our interaction with time and space and the world of things, situations and relationships. They are based upon the partial view of the historical self, the ego, whose point of view is dominated by the rational mind and linear perception. Misinterpretations from this perspective hold seemingly critical issues in a state of suspension. The lack of resolution sabotages attention and thus energy from the forward movement of our lives.

I fundamentally believe that all distress has it roots in a misinterpretation of what is really so. When false belief establishes a variance with the truth, pain becomes the consequence of this conflict. As distressing and undesirable as this pain is to us, it is the indicator of where we are off the mark in our beliefs and assumptions of reality. The false beliefs are carried forward by unresolved processing and fed by the sting of memories not recognized in their proper context through illuminated reasoning. Just as pebbles in the shoe, they cause us to wince in distress and limp along on a journey for which they were not intended. My work helps people to remove the 'pebbles' from their shoes or the rocks that these pebbles have become which fix them by their weight and inertia to locations of entrapment. Once extracted, they can be looked at in great detail and observed from a higher perspective. The view from the eternality of the soul and the indestructibility of the spirit allows these crystalline objects of obstruction and delay to be dissolved and eliminated. The freedom of choice and decision created in the original divine design of being is reestablished and brought into play. The individual finds themselves in a position of empowerment in relation to that which was sabotaging the definition of the true self against the backdrop of the outer world of appearances. That outer world and the inner self become synchronized in the expression of good.

Leading the client to the experience of higher states of consciousness is a primary objective of the session. These altered states bring with them the wisdom and insight to be their own practitioner, Guru, spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor in direct communication with the spiritual aspect of themselves that contains the knowledge of all things.

I teach the metaphysical principles at the foundation of consciousness expansion and refinement as the new frontier of evolutionary progress. I am a facilitator of experiential rituals leading the individual to states of greater alignment and synergy of the threefold nature of spirit, soul and body. The consequence of this coordination is an increase in one's sense of empowerment, life energy, joy, freedom, and effective cooperative living.