Jane Grace Kennedy Jane Grace Kennedy
Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Counselor & Spiritual Teacher

A winner of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions at age18, Jane studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and embarked on a singing career in opera and musical theater. Her parallel passion was the study of spiritual insight from many ancient and new thought traditions. While intermittently appearing with regional theater and opera companies throughout the United States, the interim periods where sustained by teaching singing and practicing forms of metaphysical healing including Past Life Regression, the Laying on of Hands and other energetic modalities, and counseling through the teaching of spiritual principles and their application to life's problems. The emergence of her abilities as an empathic and medium transformed her work into fascinating and healing interactive dialogues. These psychic readings facilitated clarity and initiated the action of positive change in the lives of those seeking her help. Those wishing to contact the dead in the world of spirit's afterlife found comfort and resolution of matters left unresolved. The passion for music and things spiritual has forged a compelling and rewarding dual life path.

Jane is currently writing a book about her mediumistic experiences dealing with the process of death and it's aftermath in the dimensional perspectives that await the individual's continuing journey of exploration and adventuring in the endless continuum of Life.

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