Jane Grace Kennedy
Empathic Medium, Metaphysical Counselor & Spiritual Teacher

Super Nova Menagerie: Hubble Image


An intimate venue is created for the gathering of a small group who will collectively and individually receive the opportunity to interact with Jane's channeling skills as she resonates the energies, attitudes and emotional blueprint of people, either here on the earth or in the world of Spirit, that she is asked to bring to the place of her focus. The description of what is experienced of the subjectivity of the individual being channeled and their responses to the one who asks for insight, leads to greater understanding to help resolve confusion, conflict and all manner of inquiry and questionings. The evening opens with Jane's uniquely articulated view of humanities quantum leap in consciousness, now in process. She speaks of the spectacular and unusual cosmic events observed by NASA's Hubble telescope, and their correspondence in the human physical and energetic systems. She explores the fascinating insights, into these galactic events and the simultaneous quantum leap for humanity's evolution, by the prophetic teachings of the ancients Greeks through their mythology and sciences. The apocalyptic visions of John in his "Book of Revelations" also presents a blueprint of both the macrocosmic and microcosmic happenings reflected in our astronomy and our physiology respectively. She unlocks some of the symbolical meanings of that enigmatic and mystifying document. There is a brief question and answer period about the related insights and information. Then a movement to the interactive experience of the channeling at which time everyone will have the opportunity to inquire about a particular individual. The evening closes with an interlude of instruction and experiential participation in rituals and meditative techniques to access the newly available levels of cosmic consciousness and how one can apply the consequent expanded perspective and energy into the flow of everyday living.

Jane Kennedy believes that each individual is a spark of spiritual consciousness, a unit of individual awareness containing, in potential, the totality of all knowing and all being. And whereas prior to this time we have been living primarily separated from our awareness of the unity and wholeness of which we are a part, we have arrived now at the opportunity of experiencing this spiritual awareness while maintaining the integrity and very great gift of individual perspective. Thus, creating a synergy and simultaneous coordination to enable the co-creation of a new world motivated by the power of Love and orchestrated by the all-inclusive knowingness of the Light. Jane's intention and purpose is to help in the awakening and empowerment of the individual to the experience of connectedness with their eternal self; identifying with the authenticity of this resonance of truth and thus empowering the supremacy of spiritual reality, of which the soul and the body are meant to be reflections. Finally, these three components of being will come together as one in the sublime and joyous dance of Creation.